Best NAS for Roon

I want to move my Music Collection from an aging Windows Home Server to a NAS . Database has 30,000 albums and is just over 1TB . Looking for feedback and recommendations on which NAS to use

30,000 albums!?

I’m guessing the fastest NAS there is or just use a dedicated server and forget the NAS.

Btw are you sure 30,000 albums are only a TB? I use about 500gb and my library’s only about 1200 and loads of that’s Tidal.


there is no right answer to this. Synology and QNAP are both popular and reliable NAS. Given your library size, you need to think about how much the data will grow in the next year or so, double that figure and size accordingly. Something like a two bay NAS with 2x2TB or 2x4TB would provide plenty of room for growth , depending upon disc configuration.

Why ‘fastest NAS there is’ ? Audio has a relatively low bit rate when being served over the network and it will only take under a day to load that many albums up to it @1TB.

Perhaps I misunderstood / misread - I assumed it would be running Roon too.

Well, he doesn’t say. But if so, the answer gets more complicated not to mention expensive. Most NAS do not have enough processing power to run Roon properly.

Some threads here:

I have a DS713+ which, until recently, work surprisingly well running Roon with ~1TB database. It also runs a Plex server (though I don’t do any transcoding only passthrough) for movies, etc. I say recently, because I just set up a NUC (running ROCK) and have 1TB of music stored internally on the NUC. Unless you really need a NAS, I would skip and get a NUC to run ROCK. Either install a 2TB internal drive or get a larger external drive to store music.

What format are the files in 30,000 albums in flac would be way more than 1tb more like >12tb

Oops - 30,000 tracks just over 2000 albums !!

Apologies folks , should have done a better job here. Its 30,000 tracks not albums and I simply want the NAS for Storage - I have a dedicated PC with HDD to run Roon Core

Ok, so scrap all my previous comments then! :slight_smile:

So next question, why not just add an internal or external hard drive to the PC? Will be a much cheaper and simpler solution.
Or did you want a NAS for other reasons anyway?

I use a Synology NAS and I had iverspill music on it but to be honest I’ve moved all music onto an external USB drive and can now just use the NAS for backup and then power it down when not in use.

Sorry :frowning: The PC running Roon Core is a Surface Pro 2 with a HDD so no opportunity to upgrade internally and problem with an external drive is there is only one USB connection and that is taken up by the Ethernet adapter. Also, id assumed that putting a TB of music on the same PC as Core would slow things down ?

If you are going to use it for other things besides Roon, a NAS might make sense. In that case, we recommend QNAP, and also Synology.

If this is just for Roon, I think you’ll do better with a NUC running ROCK and a USB3 hard drive.

ROCK requires some assembly, although it’s pretty straight forward. If you want something a little less DIY for your Core, something like our forthcoming Nucleus or the Sonic Transporter are good bets, too.

In any of these scenarios, the Surface could then be used as a remote.

All things being equal, the opposite is true.

even I fixed it…external mobile Seagate usb drive (coloured one with usb powersupply)

only ‘missing codecs’ for aac and mp3 is a not included, for me there’s the extra work.