Best network stream other than Google and Airplay

I am running my Roon Core on a Mac Mini 2020 using Monterey 12.4 (8 cores) and sending music via ethernet to an Integra DRX 5.4 with Airplay.

What can I use to get higher resolution music playing?

I DO NOT want to use any Google apps, please. And can someone explain how to set up what they recommend?

Thank you!

You need to add in a RAAT protocol device this is Roons own streaming mechanism. Add a Roon Bridge or RoonReady DAC or streamer to feed into it. You can use a simple raaberry pi and an output card or something more turnkey plenty to choose from at all costs.

If it supports UPnP there is also a software bridge to convert Roons RAAT streams to UPNP. You need to run the code on a pc, Nas or raspberry pi. Plenty of posts about this if you search.

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I use HDMI from core to receiver. That will get you Multi-channel and hi-res 192 kHz/24 bit.


So you are using terms that I do not know. How can I just look for these things if I don’t know they even exist? Does everyone here have to be a programmer to simply play their music in hi res correctly? And I would like to not have to use a “PC” or anything other than my Mac. This should be much simpler and I shouldn’t need a degree in programming. Getting very frustrated.

Thanks, Mike. However, we have an existing network hard wired through the house that I would like to use. I can’t go run new cables now. No access.

Sorry this is basic Roon stuff on their website as to how Roon works. If you can’t be bothered to read up on this I can’t help.


Start here, or search the Internet…

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Are you chiming in just to make me feel inferior? As I stated, it should just work. Simply and elegantly. I shouldn’t have to decipher all kinds of abbreviations and learn new systems or be forced to add all kinds of hardware beyond what I have. I just want to play my (hi res) music through my very powerful system(s).

Hi Martin. Thank you for the info. I did start here before I bought into Roon. It appeared to be straight forward. Of course they didn’t mention the caveat that it only plays 44.1 kHz with Airplay and all I want to do is replace that bit of software with something other than a Google app that will gather all of my personal information and habits.

I have multiple, very happy with Trinnov Altitude32 (Altitude32, Altitude16 and Amathyst from Trinnov are all Roon Ready). The Altitude even support multichannel when used as Roon Ready endpoint.

Also I have a Moon MiND2 Network Player (pure streamer); works very well and is Roon Ready. My last (but not least) Matrix Audio Element X (Roon Ready streamer, DAC and headphone amplifier in one box).

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That’s not on Roon. That’s an Apple limitation with AirPlay. Roon developed RAAT to avoid such limitations but you need h/w that is compatible with RAAT (this is no different than needing to buy AirPlay h/w in order to use AirPlay). A Raspberry Pi running RoPieee or Roon-ready devices like the iFi Zen Stream are what you need to use RAAT (some streamers with DACs built in are Roon-ready as well if you want to go that route).


And why should it just work? If you read how Roon works before plunging in then you might understand as to why you can’t get what you want with your hardware as it is.

As for Airplay the limitations of this have been known since it was introduced so again perhaps some simple research would have helped you.

Good luck I’m done here.


Do not use Apple Airplay. As has been posted, it can only do 44.1 and 48. You need a wired connection from your Roon core to your DAC or you need a Roon Ready end-point connected to your network by WIFI or ethernet.

I use two different methods. First, I use an Oppo 203 connected by ethernet, then HDMI out from the Oppo to my sound system.

Secondly, I use a Raspberry Pi 4, also connected by ethernet, then USB to a Meridian Prime Headphone amplifier or a Chord Mojo 2 DAC. This is for headphone listening.

There are products available to purchase for your Roon end-point, but assembling a Raspberry Pi 4 running RoPieee or RoPieeeXL software takes about 10 minutes, is easy, and very inexpensive.

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Sorry, but if you don’t want to use Airplay, and I can understand that as Airplay sucks, then you’ll have to buy another piece of hardware. That’s just the reality.

For you, this is probably the easiest solution. Connect it to your network with Ethernet.

You’ll need something like this and a pair of RCA cables to connect the SPDIF output to the RCA jacks of your receiver.

Edit: After reading the manual for your receiver, it is unclear to me whether a DAC is available on the RCA jacks. Before you spend money on a streamer, you should ask your dealer whether that is the case. Integra is made by Onkyo and on my Onkyo that isn’t a problem. Dunno.


To use Roon with your set up, avoiding extra cabling, you’re going to need to use some extra hardware. An affordable solution would be a Raspberry Pi with a DAC-HAT, running Ropieee. You can then connect this, using RCA cables, to your Integra DXR 5.4. Biggest problem with this solution is that RPi’s are hard to get hold of at the moment.

The more expensive, but easier, solution is to purchase a Roon Ready streamer.

Yeah, that’s what I thought about the DAC. Just a warning.

Didn’t know about the y adapter. There doesn’t seem to be a coax input on the receiver, so I guess the iFi isn’t an option?

Any suggestions for the OP that he can accomplish?

The iFi ZS and a spdif cable would be all he needs.
The DRX5.4 has both spdif and toslink digital inputs.

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Fritz should stick with AirPlay or Chromecast and basic sample rates. Practically every AVR on the planet is optimized for 44.1/48 kHz audio. Running higher sample rates into an AVR tends to be a fool’s errand – because an AVR operates internally as a black box that most likely sample rate converts the audio down to 44.1/48 kHz.



Hard to find actual specs but it does have an audio USB input too so there is a chance it does actually support higher resolution music via USB possibly…which an iFi ZS can output as well.

Supposed to be Roon Tested and have built in Chromecast too.

No, the AVR does not have a USB B audio input. It has a USB A input for an audio storage device, such as a thumb drive. Forget about USB B audio connections on AVRs. Pioneer Elite produced 1-2 top of the line AVRs with so called “USB DACs” something like 5-7 years ago. And that was about the entire extent of USB B audio on AVRs ever.


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