Best new budget integrated streamers

Hi, I thought it would be nice to have a place to post budget friendly new Roon ready devices with so many coming to market. I’m in need of something small for integrated (Roon ready input & amplifier) for a small uk lounge for mainly tv/music. Roon running on custom pc server.

Requirements assuming RoonCore: Ethernet. Roon Ready, Amplifier. Ideally HDMI eARC

Currently top runner is NAD N230, and I can’t find much else at a similar price or anything cheaper…

Edit* Wiim Stero Amplifier. now the top runner, £300 available Nov/Dec 23
NAD Bluesound Powernode Edge N230. From approx £500
KEF LSXII. Powered speaker. £1000
NAD C700. £1300
Cambridge Audio EVO 75. £1300


The WiiM Amp is supposed to be released soon.

WiiM Amp | WiiM (
WiiM | Redefining Home Audio: Affordable, Innovative, Hi-Res Sound (

Price should be around € 350.-, ARC yes, but no eARC (as far as I know) and the Streamer should be the same as the WiiM Pro/WiiM Pro Plus, so Roon Readiness should follow, although this is for sure not granted yet …

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Ah yeah. I heard they were releasing one. Sounds promising.

An old eBay search came up with;

Simple Audio Roomplayer +