Best option. New Qnap TVS473 or TVS471 for Roon

I am new to this site.
I am looking to buy a NAS for using ROON and was hoping for some advice regarding the best option out of the Qnap TVS471 and the new TVS 473.


I have not used Roon on an AMD device yet.
I just googled for a comparison of the AMD cpu vs. intel and found an article listing the pros/cons:

Of course this might be subjective. But a big minus of the TVS-473 (AMD CPU) for me would be that the CPU is not swappable later on and requires more power.
I swapped the cpu of my TVS-471 to an i7. But it requires a nearly complete teardown of the unit…

Maybe someone here has some info about AMD processors in general (and in combination with Roon)?

Thanks Chris.
I appreciate your prompt reply. I will probably go for a TVS 471-I3-4GB with a 128/256 SSD and two 3 or 4TB WD Red HDD’s. This seems to be the best practical and reasonably priced option from what I have read.
Thanks once again.

Peter, that’s what I have recently done. TVS 471 i3 4 GB Ram and 4 TB drives. Get the best quality drives available for reliability.
When I look at the dash the ram is never above 50% and the CPU runs at very low percentages. This varies with use, importing or just playing.

The beauty of it is Roon is always on and available and works flawlessly.
Importing is straightforward. Back up is automatic. I Rip with DB Poweramp to a local folder then drag and drop into the NAS folder.
My Meridian MS200 endpoints work well and sound great.

Good luck, Chris

I increased the memory to 16GB. Crucial memory upgrade was $80. I know that the server is not supposed to be using much ram but I can tell you that with the 16GB in place the server performance just feels more snappy. Might just be me since I spent the money I am imagining a performance gain. :slight_smile:


why not go with a skylake-based TVS-682? Its about 200 Euros more expensive and has a lot more options with 2 SSD Slots, additional 2 m.2 Slots and 4 HDs? With a i3 6100 (2 x 3,7GHz) you should be good to go and with the easy to swappable cpu you can opt for a quad-core 6500, maybe even a i7 6700. Might be overkill for now, but there is a lot of room to grow, espacially if you demand more then only a good rig for Roon.