Best partiton scheme for Ubuntu server setup

For my new Roonserver, I build an i7-7700t with 16Gb memory.

What is the best partition scheme for an Ubuntu server setup?
I have an 120GB SSD voor system and an 6TB HDD for (220.000) music files.

The partition schema I use at this moment:

/root 15 Gb
/var 45 Gb
/home 52 Gb
/swap 3 Gb

I parted it manually.

But I don’t know if its the right way to go. Mayby I think to complicated.

What scheme gives the best performance?

Regards, Kees

You only use it for Roonserver? Doesn’t matter then, I don’t know where the library is stored but you’ll need to have a crazy library to get anywhere near even the 15GB use of the smallest partition (swap is a backup for your memory, not storage)

For performance it makes no difference, they are all the same drive anyway.

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I see, my /var directory is 22Gb big for 220.000 files. When I do not make an separate /var directory, where is the /var located then? in /home of in /root?

/var is a sub directory of / (root)

Whether it is on a separate partition or not is neither here nor there

I used to multiple partition my Linux installs, largely because I could, but when one day you run up against a full partition you will regret it!

Performance issues aren’t in play here unless you are very marginal hardware