Best Power Source for Pi4 running RoPieee

I have just completed my first install op RoPieee in a Pi4. Which was a ten minute breeze thanks to the Beginners Guide and the great software package too!

My very first impression of the sound is a little disappointing. Of course it’s not a fair comparison;
The RoPieee Pi4 on wifi vs my RoonCore MacMini on ethernet (both feeding my Chord Hugo TT over USB).

So my next step is to tinker a bit more with the Pi to see if I can get it to full potential. To start off with:

  • I was wondering if there is some consensus already what would be the best power source for the Pi. I currently have it connected to a USB-C Mac plug. Should I expect improvements when buying an (expensive) power source? Or a rechargeable power bank?
  • In the same category, I am assuming the USB-C output would be preferrable over the USB-B. Or are there other insights?

Many thanks for all suggestions!


I found it worthwhile using a £50 power supply with the RPi4. In my case an iFi 5V one, I haven’t had the chance to try others. It made for a decent £100-total streamer. I happened to use Ropieee as well


The SQ is related to DAC, not to the RPi !
For RPi4 must have 5V min 3A power source.
If the current is not enough, you may have glitches or dropouts and you can see low power warnings in dmesg but, otherwise, I don’t think there will be an advantage by using an expensive power source.
The official RPi4 power supply is more than enough to use for Ropieee.
Don’t be fooled by the myth of expensive, regulated, etc. power sources !


The best raspberry pi4 PSU is the “official” raspberry one.


I too am using an iFi 5V for a RPi3. Not sure it made any difference but then my ears are no longer 20 years old!

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Try to Pi over ethernet to see if you hear any difference.
Of course, it could be an expectation bias issue, even if you don’t think you have a bias (it’s not part of your conscious brain).


RPi is noisy. You might want to have some USB filter and reclocker between Pi and DAC, like usb regen.

Having linear power supply (or at least the iFi) should reduce noise from small SMPS pushed back to your power line. To verify impact in your case you can unplug all unnecessary smps wall plugs and have a listen .

my 2cents :slight_smile:

I‘m using a 5V LPS from Small Green Computer for my Raspi 4. Pretty good!

Nor mine James!

I have 5V supplies available from iFi, Allo (Shanti) and SBooster. I just haven’t tried the latter two with the RPi4, largely because they’re not price appropriate. With other kit I generally hear improvements as I go up in power supply price. Diminishing returns apply though.

I’m another Spartacus with multiple IFI USB power supplies into both Pi4’s and DAC’s and very happy with them.


Have you some measurements to prove that ?
How could be that “noise” be quantified ?
Can you hear that “noise” somehow ?


sorry i do not have measurement equipment. but if you are genuinely interested your can find lot of good resources.

basically when listening for changes in sound with&without smps - focus on purity of high frequencies - are they natural and pleasant or grainy and fatiguing?


I use a pi 4 with the iFi power supply and audioquest jutterbug and decent audioquest cinnamon cables, and I have to say it certainly sounds better to me than my original setup with a cheap power supply and basic usb cable. It sounded pretty good before, but better after the changes.

It really gave a hifiberry Digi+ pro a run for it’s money plugged into the same DAC while carrying out listening tests with my son. Still comes out as a very low cost option either way.



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Thanks all for sharing suggestions and experiences. For now I have ordered the standard Pi4 supply to get going. I will than experiment with the iFi to see it it makes a difference and perhaps with a rechargeable power bank too.

I have not seen any references to the power bank option. To me (very much non tech expert) that would seem the most ‘clean’ solution. Are there any drawbacks too, other than having te charge periodically?

Best, Erik

Eric do you have the ability to feed the Hugo over Digital Input as well as USB?

One of the things I have enjoyed over the last few months has been to tinker with the setup at and expand the options at a low cost. So change power feed, different cases, different cables and now multiple different hats as well.

I got a Digi DAC+ Pro (all the names blend into one) yesterday and now have that feeding my Sonos Amp to test as well.
Very few of these changes cost upwards of £40 with I thinkt the iFi power supplies being the most expensive individual items (at £50 each).
But you can do this at your own speed if and when you want to expand it while stowning the items you don’t use for the next project



For me, the best power supply was shanti and I had different power supplies and batteries.

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I use a Shanti.

But I think the best addition for sound improvement would be a HAT. HiFI Berry, or even better Allo DigiOne Signature.?. I think that’s where you should continue.

Rick you are probably correct, you can get a decent setup for the cost of the Shanti alone


The standard iFi iPower 5v is underpowered for the Raspberry pi . It was before the pi4 and even more so now. You need 3a min PSU to get it to work efficiently. If you want to get an Ifi make sure it’s the new iPower one thats white as it goes to 3a. Underpowering the pi can lead to SD card corruptions quite easily and other issues. Give it what it needs and it will work perfectly.


Silly question, but can you run an Ethernet cable to your RPi4?