Best practice for translated compositions?

I write to ask advice for the problem of translated compositions.
In general, especially in jazz standards, it can happen that the same song is present with different translations: for example “les feuilles mortes” and “autumn leaves”.

When everything is ok, roon should consider them as different compositions, and i think this is correct: in fact the text is not necessarily a translation, often it’s completely different, and in the credits the translator (or co-author) is usually reported. it can even happen that the translated song is more famous than the original one.

at the same time, i’d like to link these various versions of the song.
one practice i use (but not really systematic) is to put the original title in the track song:
les feuilles mortes [autumn leaves]
and this is consistent with what i find in roons, where i have found exactly this behavior.

this can help when manually searching a song, but it’s not really a link.

another solution is to merge the various compositions…, choosing the original version as main composition.
in this way (not automatic) all the various versions would appear in the composition link.
infos about the translator would not be lost: in fact if the translator would not appear in the composition page, it would still appear in the track credits.

i think, at the end, this is the best solution. but i’d like to know if anybody any alternative practice that could work better.
for example, in the roon roles i see that there could be “Lyric Translation”. i could (with some effort… and much time!) correct the credits for these situations. but i wonder if there would be any benefit for the library logic.

clearly, a better solution would be if roon could add “some magic” and do everything without work:

I have noticed that roon recognize also the LYRICIST tag. it could be useful, as it’s much easier to change a COMPOSER tag in another tag like LYRICIST, instead of add to a PERSONNEL tag a role like “xyz - Lyric Translation”.
in both situations, the lyricist and/or lyric translator are credited as composer beneath the track name, but do not appear as composers in the composition page.

a correction.
-LYRICIST tag is shown near the track title
-PERSONNEL - Lyric Translation is shown in credits, but not near the track title. same sing for other roles like “song translation” and “translation”