Best practice to adding new music to Nucleus?

Currently I have a ext HD attached. Should I attempt to point the download directly to drive or download it first to my Mac(back it up to backup) and then drag it over to HD attached to Nucleus?

I download directly to the SSD installed in my Nucleus. As the back-up provided by Roon is just for its database (that is, excluding the music library) my music is also stored in a separate folder on my PC.

The process you describe (download first to the Mac for back-up) would work well.

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Both will work fine. But if roon updates too quickly you could initially get some orphaned tracks as they download one at time.

For cleanness sake, I tend to drag over an album in one go. Avoids any potential issues with metadata.


There is one additional step you might take before adding it to Roon: checking tags for completeness and accuracy. Roon gets it right much of the time, but not always.


Go to the Nucleus GUI. Under ‘Roon Server Software’, click the down arrow next to the Restart button and ‘stop’ Roon Server. The Roon Operating System will still run, and you will still see the internal storage folder on your Nucleus. Transfer all the music over, and once it has all been moved, ‘Restart’ the Roon Server Software.
This will keep you from having unrecognized, orphaned, or some other type of Roon glitch that might happen if you move music while Roon is running.

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