Best practice to import tag structure

I’m coming from J. River and I have many views there based on file metadata which is not necessarily written to file tags. Some views are organize by file attributes such as sample rate for example, others might be by Record Label or things written into fields like Comments. I can’t really find a way to organize my Roon library in the same way.

Can one browse Roon by the existing metadata? It doesn’t seem like it.

What options work for recreating these in Roon:

  1. Tag my files, how does Roon import them if I want to keep the Roon Genre data for example (I just want to bring in say one tag field that I could map to the Roon TAG).

  2. Create massive static playlists and import them?


I’m not a jRiver user, but views in jRiver sound like bookmarked Focus views in Roon.


A non intelligent way would be to export a playlist for each of your views, import this into roon, select all it’s tracks and define a new TAG for these tracks.
Means that TAG is then linked to the track and you can get rid of the playlist since not needed any more.

The drawback, it’s a static one then, and not backed by any intelligence. Though you could combine tags, for example if your static selection does contain tracks which have genre = Pop you could make this TAG active + another preventing genre= POP

I use this workflow a lot in case I need to correct various things based upon information roon isn’t able to handle while being there, let it be embedded or by phsical placement or such like.

Hi @jcat,

As Geoff suggested above, definitely take a look at our documentation for Focus. You can filter your collection in all sorts of ways with Focus, which is available in the Albums, Tracks, Artists, Composers, and Compositions views. For example, you can focus on Blues from the 60’s and 70’s. You could also add the MP3 format, and click it a 2nd time to exclude MP3s.

You can also save these Focus filters as bookmarks for easy access.

Looks like a powerful tool, so many things like this I just have not discovered yet. Sorry for the obvious question…

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