Best practice with a large library on Nucleus+

I have over 500,000 tracks on my Nucleus+, on an internal 4TB SSD and a 5TB external attached drive. Sadly Roon is unavailable, crashes and stops playing at times. Would removing the digital files of some albums and replacing them with counterparts on Tidal improve performance?

Have you tried temporarily disabling this external drive in roon storage settings and checking if your performance improves significantly?

I have in the past seen Roon crashes when certain tracks are played that are corrupted so having the logs looked at when it crashes would be perhaps what support will be wanting to do. 500K tracks is a lot to have on a N+ though. Also it probably doesn’t change much using Tidal sourced tracks as its still in the Roon database if you add to the library. But at least audio analysis is not done then.

The load on the library’s database is the same whether the files are local or streamed. It very well might be that you are pushing the capacity of the Nucleus +.

You might well be in the Extreme case as mentioned in the link.

Thanks for all your suggestions. When I posted the topic I was in the middle of rationalizing my music folders. When I first set up my Nucleus+ I copied all the iTunes folders including files only useable in iTunes and also separate folders for low Rez and high Rez music files ect. I decided to get rid of all the superfluous iTunes files and put everything in 2 music files. One for the SSD in the Nucleus and one for the external drive attached to the Nucleus. After I did that Roon started to Re-index the library, a 2 day process that got very slow towards the end. Now Roon seems to be behaving well and seems quicker and more responsive. So we’ll see how we go, but for now it’s looking good and i’ll try to resist the urge to add much more music to my library.

Hi @Paul_Elliott,

I’m glad to hear that things are working a bit better for you after the clean up! One thing I wanted to clarify, though:

As far as the Roon database is concerned, these are both the same. In one case the files are stored locally while the other is “stored” on TIDAL, but the database entries in Roon are the same.

Thanks @dylan, I’ll work on pruning my library a little :slight_smile:

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