Best Practice with Gustard X20u Pro

Which driver are you using? When I tried the third party driver it did once or twice then stopped the pop and all was good. However I had no pop with the original driver out of the box. What other settings do you have on HQP/Roon, etc…?

I’m using RPI3 that is connected to the Gustard.

So my setup is, I have Roon on NUC which is also running Linux, which then sends the audio data to RoonBridge on my RPI3, which then connect to Gustard via USB.

I didn’t install any driver, I think the driver is only meant for when you’re using Windows.
Are you on Windows?

Yea I’m using Win10 Pro. Are you sure you don’t need a driver with the RPI3?

I’m pretty sure of it… it works with ALSA, and if I am not changing bitrate then there’s really no issue… this is me and my itchy hands (or ears!) that wanting to change things and trying things… :slight_smile:
Happy to be corrected though if there’s something that I need to install on the Linux/RPI3…

@Benjamin_Gold, the XMOS stereo USB driver only support DoP not native DSD. Please see below:

Only Thesycon certified Windows driver is able to support native DSD and must be paid by the manufacturer of the DAC, Gustard. I used to own Gustard X20U DAC but later sold off because it can’t support DSD native in Roon, especially DSD256 and above requires native support from the Thesycon USB driver.

I wrote to Gustard about the native DSD support I got a replied that the hardware is native DSD ready but not the USB driver. I was told since they are small company they can’t afford the licensing fee to produce the Thesycon USB driver. This is really sad. If you ok with up DSD128, then DoP will work fine with the XMOS stereo USB driver.

Noel, Mine does not pop or click, but then I rarely change rates and just play everything back at DSD512, yesterday I did listen a bit at 256 and then switched to 512 there was no pops. If I play a 16/44 music file and then the next song is a 24/88 file the dac does not pop. My T+A does have soft clicks between rate changes but my Gustard does not (mine old X20, not pro)

Hi @Quadman, are you also using Windows to connect to the DAC?

Yes windows 10 pro, Roon core and HQP on this PC with music HDD also in PC. AQ Jitterbug and uptone regen between PC and Dac.

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Do you have your jitterbug right off the the pc or the regen? And what USB cable do you use?

Jitterbug right off pc in a Dac up USB port of the MB, Wireworld Starlight 7 USB to regen and then my custom made 6" silver USB to dac.

I am getting a wire world silver starlight 7 when my buddies custom Enklein USB cable comes in. I preferred the WW starlight 7 to a AQ diamond in my system when I compared.

Ok nice! Since I don’t use the power leg of my LightHarmonic I put my JB after the Regen and use a Curious Regen usb to the dac. I’m thinking I will get a Curious .8m from PC to Regen next then put the JB back on the PC side.

I’ve heard that WWPS7 on another guys system and that’s a nice USB cable for sure!