Best Practices for Simple Nucleus System (storage, CD ripping, and library management)

Hi Everyone,

I’m looking to specify some Nucleus setups for clients to replace their Mac based Roon Cores and some old Sooloos Control 15 systems. Most of these clients are not tech-friendly and need a very simple solution. They all use Mac, they need the ability to rip CDs, some of them download HDTracks, and the library needs to stay backed up.

  1. Best way to manage storage? I see a couple of ways:

A) Put a NAS on the network that the library resides on. The NAS manages its own cloud backup solution.
B) Use internal storage on the Nucleus for music library. Use software on the Mac (recommendation?) to synchronize this folder with the Nucleus drive. The Mac is backed up to the cloud so the library is safe. Music library folder is managed either on the Roon network share or on the Mac (recommendation?)

What do you think about these methods? Do you have a better/simpler method? Cost is less important than functionality and simplicity. Less equipment means less stuff to fail.

  1. What is the easiest and simplest way to rip CDs to the library? I see that the Nucleus can have a USB CD drive for ripping attached. How do you know when the CD is ripped successfully [or if it fails] since this is a headless box? Is this the easiest/simplest or most foolproof way to rip CDs?

Thank you very much for your input.