Best Practices, Web Browser Display?

With the upgrade to 2.0, I bet I’m not the only one that had been using an old 32 bit Window machine, connected to a big TV, for a Roon “Now Playing” experience.

And now, of course, they can’t connect to an upgraded Roon ecosystem. Dumping 32 bit Windows makes sense.

But I’d still like the Now Playing ability, using what I have, so I’m using the web display, via a browser.

I have the Web display working, on an Edge browser, running on Windows 10 on an Intel Compute Stick, with the display being a 2021 Sony 65" 4K TV - but with the following issues:

  • The artist picture is almost never in sync with what’s playing - is that a browser issue? Or?
  • While the cover art, text, and progress bar are all fine, the artist picture is blurred or down-rez’d

FYI - I have Windows to output at the display’s native resolution, 3840x2160, with no zoom, i.e., Windows output set at 100%.

Are there best practices for a web browser display on a big TV? Best browser? Best browser settings? Best rez setting for a typical 4K TV?

On Win 11 here, Web Display with Edge doesn’t work, but with Chrome it does.

Hi @Dean_Clough,

I have had the same experience as, @Marin_Weigel.

I can get it working via Amazon Fire’s browser “silk” as well as via extending the display within Windows or Mac OS. I have gotten this working with Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

As far as settings best practices, my Samsung TV’s allow me to apply custom resolution settings for my current source or for all sources. I’m set to 16:9 and it’s working as intended.

Let me know if you’re still having issues though!


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