Best practise - making fairly unstructured directory content accessible to Roon

Hi there,

there is a folder on my music server containing some 400 files which I’d like to be a playlist, tag or whatever I can access directly via Roon as a group. Any ideas?

I guess you could use “Focus” based on file location to find those tracks. Then, you can save this view as a tag or select all tracks and put them in a playlist.

That would be great, but focus only drills down to “music folder” ignoring subdirectories.

In the Tracks view, add the Path column then you can sort the tracks by path and multi-select the relevant rows.


Ah, I see. Maybe the selectable options in focus depend on the watched folders. I’m not at home to try this, but could you add the folder as a seperate watched folder and try again?

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Mr. Rhodes,

you’ve significantly added to my knowledge!



My pleasure :+1: