Best replacement for zen stream

Now that zen stream won’t pay for a mqa licence theve removed mqa decoding,before it would decode to 24/96 via spidf to a non mqa dac but now it only passes 24/48,they didn’t make this clear to anyone as alot people are now stuck with it but I’m still within time to return it to amazon,problem is what do I replace it with,budget is 4-5 hundred,would something like rpi and allo digione siq decode mqa via spidf to a non mqa dac and which operation system would allow this thx

Gustard X16, best bang for just under $500 you can get I believe.

Agree with the X16, I own one. One of the most flexible DACs, great sound and in the top 5 listed at audio science review.

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think uve misunderstood the zen stream is not a dac, its a streamer,ive already got 2 other non mqa dacs,the zen would would decode mqa to 24/96 via Coax like the node2 but now ifi have removed mqa decoding from the zen so I’m sending it bck so I’m lookin for a replacement streamer that will decode mqa to 24/96 via coax to a non mqa dac

Why don’t you just let Roon take care of the MQA decode for you?

As far as streamers, I use the Sonore Micro Rendu and have had good results. It also does not decode MQA though.

cause I bought it to use tidal connect aswell,I might decide to stop using roon down the road and jst use tidal connect but ive lost trust with this company,there handling of this device has been a fiasco from the start,theve hindered the device from the start by using a extremely old volumio kernel,the old kernels were terrible with tidal intergration and thats why volumio have totaly rewritten there software cause the problems were that bad they couldn’t be fixed so they have had to rewrite everything,then there was ipower psu balls up and now theve removed mqa decoding saying it was a mistake and shouldn’t have been enabled in the first place and this is all after they sent them out to reviewers who confirmed it supported mqa,even on there website it’s brags the zen stream is 100% 'mqa compatible which is a total lie and false marketing,im OK as I can still return mine but there is thousands of people who can’t as theve had it to long and specifically bought it to use this way, so I’m looking at the allo digione siq but I’m not sure which os is best for roon /has tidal connect and decode mqa to 24/96 via spidf to a non mqa dac