Best Roon endpoint with DSD and < 2k USD?

I’m upgrading from the MicroRendu, and am looking for recommendations on hardware/streamers that are Roon ready, support DSD, and would be < 2k USD.

I was initially interested in the Bryston BDP-Pi, but for $1300 and a screen deactivation with USB and no DSD that’s off the list. I’m considering the Bryston BDP2, but that’s more than 2k correct?

What else are people enjoying these days?


Was about to say dCS Rossini until I saw your second stipulation.

I’m curious too what native DSD DACs exist in this price bracket.

I guess I need to at least consider DSD to PCM to broaden the horizon a little bit. Not that much of my library is DSD anyway.

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Hi Matt, I have both a BDP-1 and microRendu. In my system, the BDP-1 and mR are pretty darn close sound quality wise in Roon Ready mode

If you keep an eye open, you can find full warranty remanufactured BDP-2 at Audio Advisor for about $2k or a little over. What it is about the mR that comes up short?

(Also, you might considered a used BDP-2 - warranty is transferable to the new owner as long as it was originally purchased from an authorized dealer and the receipt is available).

Best, Robert

You can turn any USB-capable DAC into a RoonBridge-capable streamer for $50 with a RasperryPi and the turn-key DietPi install. So that should open up your options considerably.

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I’m about to try this rpi to usb dac process too…probably with the Oppo HA-1 for now but ultimately with the Oppo Sonica Dac that is coming out soon…fingers X they will add Roon to that mix then we can have some serious fun.

The MR story is lengthy. I’ll link to an thread in which I explained my power supply and connectivity problems.

But, the BDP-2 sounds like a good option. We’ll see!

I have two diy rpi3 with the digi+ top boards, and really like them. I just wanted a fancier streamer for my system.


Did you get it to work as “Roon ready” device? (Digi+ device I assume from iqaudio in the UK) If yes i’am intereseted how.

Yes, they’re Roon Ready. After you physically plug the top board on, you have to add the linux software, then add Roon Bridge. I’ll see if I can find the links to instructions before someone else can.


Hi Matthew, sent you a PM with a link on a RACK width (19") device which might fit your needs…Best, Robert

… Auralic Aries not an option? :confused:

an Aries LE + a great LPS (UpTone JS-2 or Vinnie Rossi’s new Mini) would set you at a little less than $2k and do sound great indeed :slight_smile:

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The Auralic Altair is very capable, meets all your requirements and sells for $1899.

Will the. Roon. 1.3 allow pcm to DSD upsampling that wouldn’t affect the bryston?