Best Roon NUC for Nativ

I am currently utilizing my Dell Laptop as my Roon core. This has issues when someone else logs into their profile and Roon stops!
So i am looking to purchase a NUC7i7DN as core. I have all my music stored on my Nativ music player (only about 200GB currently) and am not particularity interested in shifting it all across to the NUC unless there is better performance. I would also use ROCK unless there are any issues with this? My question is what should i be aware of when buying the NUC (RAM/hard drive) and - not that it’s an issue - can i use the NUC for general backup to my laptop (photos etc) if i am running it with ROCK?
I have basic technical knowledge, so please keep it simple!
Many thanks

I purchased the exact combo recommended by roon and it is serving me well.

Any drive you have connected externally to the nuc will be accessible over your network so you could access them to back up files. But there is nothing you can run on nuc other than rock (if you go the rock route). If you go with windows then you can do whatever you like.

Following the Roon guidelines on hardware, you should be fine with 8gb memory and a basic 128gb ssd for storage.

Bear in mind ROCK is an appliance: it has absolutely no other purpose than music processing and output. So you really can’t use it for backup in the regular sense.

If you plan to use an extra storage drive for music internally or connected to the nuc via usb, that volume can be accessed by other computers on the network, so you could in theory store other stuff than just music on it…and then back that content up using another machine in your network to initiate the copy operation.