Best Roon Search by album filename

Am I the only person who hadn’t figured this out? Using the Filter on the My Albums page (with the chemistry implement picture) you can choose any parameter listed there–I find Album Name and Artist (which only works for the Album Artist) most useful–and write a string and it will produce the albums specified. I’ve always done my file names without spaces but with a cap for each word, so I just wrote, with the Album parameter, RubberSoul , and it showed all 8 versions that I have. This solves about 75% of my Roon search problems. I’m happy for the time being.

But the filter doesn’t work on albums not in your library but on your streaming service. Finding stuff in your own library is easier. I might be missing something though? Hope so :wink:

Finding new stuff you don’t have can be hard…

Hey @Julius_Moshinsky,

YES! Filter on the My Abums place is my gold standard for locating any of my myriad copies of The Who’s Live at Leeds!! :joy:

@killdozer, have you updated to the latest version of Roon 903/904 depending on your Roon Core platform? Search improvements were included in that build!

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Hi @jamie. Yes, I’ve updated thanks, but have been looking at new releases and searching for things in my library today. It’s usually when I’m searching for a recommendation that it can frustrate, and searching by album title is traditionally most frustrating. Now I think it’s a little while since I uttered the phrase “Roon search grrrrrr…”. Things really might be looking up :slight_smile:

Search is still just as rubbish in the latest release. Search for ‘mother’ and instead of getting tracks named exactly ‘mother’ or artists named exactly ‘mother’ you get every variation of ‘mother’ first and god knows how far down what im looking for will appear if it will appear at all. Top results: an artist called ‘mother’s finest’ and an album called ‘another mother further’, neither of which actually match my search. If roon ran google, searching for batteries would return battery hens, cricket bats and batman!