Best setting for best Sound?

A total noob here…how do I set Roon to get the best quality sound from my WAV and FLAC files? Running Roon on a 2012 i7 2.6GHz 1 TB SSD Mac mini running on a outboard LPS. I love this software…it blows away the others I have tried.

I would just like to get the most from it. I have it set the MAX PCM…any other setting I should use?? My DAC is the Schiit Yggy!



I’d recommend trying bit perfect first, turn off all DSP.

The Yggy deserves an unmolested signal.


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Why yes it does! Can’t believe the difference between that and my old DAC…Wow! Though I do use a bit of EQ…+2-3db in the bottom for my Headphones…:flushed: