Best Setting For MQA

Hi, I’m sure this has already been answered but I haven’t found the correct thread…

I am running Roon on an iMac connected via my Ethernet network to a NAD M50 playing through a NAD M51 DAC to a Dynavector pre amp and Dynavector amp and then to Shihinian Obelesk speakers.

Given Roon now does the first pass of decoding MQA and I understand the M50 also does this, what is the best setting for the M50 in Roon. I have it set as Renderer only. Is it best to let Roon decode MQA or should I let the M50.

Playing Tidal directly through the M50 via BluOS works very well, but I then don’t get the other benefits of Roon.

Any suggestions on the best settings would be appreciated.@

I have a NAD T777v3 with BluOS.
For me SQ is better when playing MQA via Roon (first unfold by Roon, NAD to do MQA rendering only) compared to playing via the BluOS app.

Thank you for the reply…just one question though, I’m still not sure what I should use in the Roon setup for the NAD end point. Is it Renderer only?

I’m using render only for my NAD T777v3.

If you have a Roon Ready endpoint the MQA settings are automatic…

Many thanks guys…with the number of potential options of settings via Roon it can be a little daunting…All good now.