Best settings for DSD256

This is an old thread, but I haven’t found answer to some of my questions:

I am trying to find the best setting to play DSD256 files without Dropouts and max sound quality.
I have Roon on a NUCi7 with 8GB in RAM, run everything though a wired network. One of my endpoints is Allo USBbridge connected to iFi Micro DSD Black. I had originally set Sample Rate Conversion to Max PCM rate and turn on some room correction setting. With this setting I had dropouts all the time. I changed it to the image attached.

I believe in the current version have enabled Native DSD Processing should do it.
DO I need to change this setting when I play non DSD files?
Can I set something up so that it plays each file with the possible quality?

How many end-points, zones you have? If many, that 8GB could by problem on Roon Core (server).
You can also try “Parallelize S-D Modulator” On (that function use multicores to processing signal). In my opinion sometimes is more, not less efficient, so you can try…

I believe this is wrong. For playback of DSD256 file + room correction you have to disable Native DSD processing and enable Parallelize Sigma Delta Modulator for current Roon and current NUCi7.

Check the processing speed in signal path before and after this change. If it’s still below 1.3 you’ll have change the output back to PCM.