Best settings for Mac Mini/Oppo BDP-105 & Meridian Explorer 2


Good morning. I’m adding 2 more rooms to my Roon system this week using some old gear I have sitting around. Can you please advise me on the best Roon settings for the systems listed below (I would like to listen to MQA through Tidal/Roon with these 2 rooms)? Thanks.

Mac Mini running Roon Bridge and using Oppo BDP-105 as DAC in media room.

MacBook Pro running Roon Bridge and using Meridian Explorer 2 as DAC in second office.

Best regards,
Will Pisula

Hello @Will_Pisula,

Roon should automatically configure the best settings for your devices.

As far as the important stuff is concerned, here are the parameters I would check for:

Exclusive Mode = On
MQA = No MQA Support
DSD Playback Strategy = DSD over PCM

Meridian Explorer2:
Exclusive Mode = On
MQA = Full Decoder
DSD Playback Strategy = Convert to PCM