Best settings for MQA TIDAL with Roon ? Denafrips Terminator Plus + Auralic Aries G2.1 + Sirius G2.1

I m so confused with these settings. Although my SQ is nice which are the best settings for MQA TIDAL in Roon ?

“Device settings” (for Auralic) : MQA capabilities? Renderer only ? No MQA support ?

“Enable MQA core decoder” : should be On or Off

I assume that it’s not necessary to enable DSP from Roon because of my Sirius G2.1. Or not ?

As I understand it, the Auralic does not implement MQA formally; it does its own “MQA thing”. The recommended settings to decode MQA as intended are:

  • MQA capabilities = No MQA support
  • Enable MQA core decoder = yes
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Thank you Joel !!!
So far I was using the “Renderer only” as it comes as default from Roon for the Auralics.
What about the use of Roon DSP? Do you think that I will “gain” anything from “Sample rate conversion”? or I don’t need it because of my Sirius G2.1? I prefer to PCM sound.
Last … any idea why roon doesn’t recognize Sirius G2.1 but “says” Auralic Aries G2 Lightning Link ? Do you have any plans to add capabilities for Sirius or do I Have to select another device from Auralic in Roon

Hi Dimos, unfortunately I’m not familiar with any of your gear, so I can’t really offer advice. Sorry! I’d give it a go and let your ears decide!

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