Best settings for the Hegel H390 DAC

Has anyone tried HQPlayer with the Hegel H390/590? I wonder what settings would be better suited for this DAC. Thanks!

Nothing much to find on Hegel in combination with HQPlayer. So bumping this old topic, because i have the same question as the topicstarter i’ll share my findings.

Equipment Hegel H590, Harbeth HL5, mac mini on USB with Roon and HQPlayer, jazz - rock - pop, no streaming subscription.

I like these settings in HQ player best:

Closed-form-M, LNS15, PCM 352.8kHz

But i’m still experimenting with DSD. I sort of like:

Closed-form-16M, ASDM7EC, SDM, DSD128

These setting are somewhat heavy on the cpu, but fan is still quiet.

What i don’t like in DSD is that it takes more than 15 or so seconds to start playback after i hit play in Roon. The amplifier also has to switch to DSD mode which takes time.

Hoping to get response from Hegel owners on the use of HQPlayer.
Or owners of AKM DAC, especially the 4493.