"Best" settings?

I’m not much of a techie, but I like pristine music reproduction, so I enrolled in a lifetime Roon subscription.
I bought an Asus VivoPC mini and replaced the hard drive with an SSD. I have a Jitterbug plugged into one of the USB ports and an Anticables USB cable connecting that to the USB input of my Peachtree Nova125se integrated amp. I downloaded the appropriate Peachtree driver, and have the 192kHZ switch selected. The amp drives a pair of KEF ls50 speakers supplemented by a Martin Logan sub.
My SurfacePro 3 serves as the remote control for the Asus, which contains all of my music. Everything works.
My problem is that I’m way low on the digital music learning curve. I don’t understand things like ASIO and DSD to PCM algorithms and all the other options available for us to choose from.
Is there a recommended configuration for all of the selectable settings in Roon for a system like mine? My primary goal is to maximize quality.

Roon should have one button called Recommended Settings.

Hi Mike,

Most of the configuration options in Settings/Audio are associated with enabling playback, rather than maximising quality. I would recommend selecting exclusive mode in the output settings for your Jitterbug/Peachtree zone. You don’t have to worry about DSD playback unless you have DSD files and want to play them. This post sets out some of the details associated with DSD playback.

If Peachtree provide ASIO and WASAPI drivers as alternatives, then you can try each of them out. I can’t hear a difference on my system, but there are people who prefer one over the other.

Well, quality is very dependent on the individual, so when you read what other people do keep in mind that it may or may not make any difference to your ear or with your equipment.

That being said, I prefer the use of ASIO drivers if they exist for the hardware as I think it sounds better. Andybob doesn’t hear a difference. You should try each out on your system to learn your preference. Just like, I don’t think jitterbugs make any difference to the sound, some people do, you might as you indicate you use them.

Unless you have mistakenly purchased DSD files and need to play them, I would just leave the whole DSD world alone as your Peachtree does not play them natively. Personally, when I have to buy DSD because of availability reasons, looking at you I Robot, I convert the files to PCM via JRiver and they sound great.

Thank you. Very helpful!