Best setup for Roon core on qnap NAS and Cyrus Lyric as endpoint

I have the following setup:

  • Roon core running on Qnap TS-251+
  • Tidal Hifi Service inegrated in Roon
  • Endpoint is Cyrus Lyric with integrated DAC (which is by the way very nice)

I have two possible paths from core to Cyrus Lyric:
a) USB connection; the DAC of the Lyric is recognised
b) Using a Squeezebox Touch as Endpoint (digital output)

I wonder which of the alternatives should offer the best sound and whether the potential of the Cyrus Lyric’s DAC is completely used?

I am totally overburdened with all the technical specialities like possible signal resolutions and so on. One thing I don’t understand is the following:
The DAC of the Cyrus Lyric is a 32bit DAC with max. signal resolution of 24bit/192kHz.
When I check the device setup section in Roon for the USB audio connection there is only 44.1kHz and 48kHz marked as “bit-perfect” support. All other formats (e.g. 192kHz) are marked as red (no bit perfect playback). Shouldn’t 192kHz be possible if the DAC is capable of 192 kHz?

Does anyone know an easy to read peace of literature where I can learn more about signal resolution, PCm DSD, MQA,…?

You can start here:

Roon Audio Setup

This can help you understand a bit further how it all works :smiley:

Good luck!