Best setup for roon? what bridge?system for bridge?

Hello i have try The trial version of rock roon on my nuc i7 8gb ram 128gb ssd, with no fans, one hhd with music. And for now it plays not that good like previus system i have. Sound not that liquid, not that musical like before ,it is technical Play. My previus system was mini pc wintel wx8 with Windows 10 with foobar Player with upsampling to 352800 and digital room corection elektri q for bas mods of my room and with very Good lps Power suply . On The foobar eq dont change Sound quality,bu on roon even with no corection and with no Upsampling Sound is not that liquid like on wintel wx8 with foobwr. For now im waiting for very Good lps for my nuc. Mayby This will help? I have done second try, This Time nuci7 na just a Core,and wintel wx8 win10 with LPS is bridge. And? Sound very Good, same od better than foobar. Damn, why bridge config ja beter? Mayby i will get same Sound quality on my nuc with lps ?and dont need bridge roon? I will try it. But if no, if i must have bridge pc for Good Sound that lps for Core will get som e benefits? And what system is best for bridge run? Windows or Linux? Mayby change my wintel pc for raspberry pi3 ? Give it lps and Linux system? Od mayby This Little baby nanopi neo
Will be better than my wintel and raspberry? Looks Good, dont have much Power so it will get purerr Sound quality to usb and my r2r xmos usb Full baterry powered dac. Very thanks for help and sorry for my pore English.

Will roon not run on your old pc wx8? Not sure what the specs are on that device.

I suggest you look into a Roon Ready digital transport and DAC or a Roon Ready DAC. Prices for these devices range from cheap to very expensive. Availability from country to country varies as well. I will not suggest any brands at this time. Best you do some research and ask questions.

Your goal is that the device doing the digital to analog conversion, the last device in the digital chain, be doing the least amount of work and has the best power supply. This will reduce noise and jitter at the point of conversion and should provide you the best and most resolving sound. This is also why separating the Roon Core and the Roon Bridge gave you an increase in sound quality. You moved the CPU heavy processing further away from the digital to analog conversion.

Specific to your question about the Nano: it is better to get a 3B or 3B+ Pi and a HAT which is specifically built for high sound quality. The HAT moves the audio away from the noisy part of the Pi which reduces jitter and other artifacts which can impact the overall quality. I am not familiar with the performance of building a bridge from the Pi Nano. Forum search will help you identify if others have had success with that.

Very thanks for reply. Dedicated roon Server is to much for me, but please specify what hat for raspberry do you mean? And why i must put away my roon core to another room ? One meter oway from my setup and enthernet cables, lps for core and bridge Will wont be enough ? And last one, what system will be better for bridge? There is a posibility to get Linux on my wintel pc so will there be any benefits for that change? Thanks!

you can use the old PC for Roon Bridge if you are not running Roon remote on it. Running Roon Remote also gives your Bridge like function

But mayby raspberry on Linux will give me better sound ? Less CPU using system. What HAT for raspberry do you mean? I want connect pi3 to linear power suply and to my xmos usb interface. And from xmos by the i2s to r2r dac. Hot to powering of the raspberry? It is pasible to do this by one button?

Allo USBridge might be the only RPi like option but not sure if its able to run on a RPi as its sitting under the Sparky SBC.

Or you could find others around tho like SoTM etc perhaps.

Have a glass of wine and try again.