Best solution for an all-in-one Roon endpoint (w/speaker) for my kitchen

Hi all,
I currently use RoPieeeXL running on a RPi4 into a Cambridge amplifier via SPDiF as my primary Roon endpoint and listening set up, which in turn is connected to Roon CORE running my Linux server and controlled vis the Roon app on my phone or MacBook. My only hope is to be able to get simultaneous playback over an “all-in-one” speaker in my kitchen while I cook. I have a Bose Soundlink Micro BlueTooth Speak, however, Bluetooth is not natively compatible with Roon, so I’m looking for a good solution. I saw some possible solutions in this post regarding using Bluetooth dongles, but I was hoping to hear if anyone has any thoughts about what the best solution might be. I’d love to be able to the Bose Soundlink if possible, but I’m also not opposed to building on a RPi-based all-in-one endpoint speaker for the kitchen if that’s the best option. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts. Cheers!

We use an Elac Discovery Z3 in each of two rooms.

Thanks for the suggestion! Those looks great, but unfortunately they’re a bit out of my price range. I’m hoping to either find something to work with my existing Bluetooth hardware or to find a DIY option which I can build - such as the RoPieeeXL + Raspberry Pi + Hifiberry Digi Pro+ Roon endpoint I’m running, which has bit perfect sound for a fraction of the price of a prebuilt option.

There are worse routes than the small speaker of your choice paired with a Chromecast audio. They’re now discontinued but you can still get them at sub $30 prices. They have limitations but not ones you can’t workaround easily. They will only synch with other Chromecasts which sounds like it’s an issue for you. A cheap Raspberry pi with full DAC board?

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This is the $99 speaker?

I’d simply take your phone or tablet and connect to the Soundlink via BT. Load Roon on said phone or tablet. Enjoy Roon. Grouping zones will be a real PITA because BT adds delay RAAT can’t automatically compensate for but other than that you’ll be good to go.

ELAC z3, for around $350 over here right now. Good sound, Ethernet/WiFi/airplay/3.5 mm input jack

Lately I find myself using laptop (core) + phone (remote) + JBL Flip4 (BT speaker) This is a remarkably convenient and fun solution around the house and yard.

This is what I hoped I could do, but my understanding was that the Roon app was only for controlling playback to my existing endpoints (e.g. my RoPieeeXL). This post seemed to confirm that, and I’d never seen an option to actually play music THROUGH my iPhone, only to use the iPhone as a Roon remote. However, I just found this post, so it looks, so I guess I should be able to play via my iPhone after all (and then stream to any BT device I want).

Yeah, it’s a little confusing. The Phone / Tablet apps are running Roon Bridge when they are open so they are endpoints. The way audio passes through the device is different on Android / iOS and if you’re using a DAC but by default the audio will route via the OS mixer and that allows for the output to be a BT device.

By default the Phone / Tablet device is a “Private” zone so its only seen from that device’s remote. You can change this in the Audio settings page. Then any remote can select as endpoint.

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Thanks for the help @ipeverywhere.

I use Chromecast Audio feeding a Fiio BTA 30 Bluetooth DAC for the kitchen. It’s not a bad solution, as I can take the optical out from the Chromecast, input via toslink to the BTA 30 and then APTX or LDAC blue tooth out. It’s a nice way to get Roon to play with bluetooth.

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Why not use your iPhone, play Roon to the iPhone output then Bluetooth to the speaker. No doubt your phone is “surgically attached” anyway

Zero cost …

I use an old iPad , battery suspect these days, and Bluetooth to my Beolab A1 in the kitchen

Beware the microwave, it interferes with wi fi , :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not sure how “surgically attached” my iPhone is, particularly when I’m cooking, but playing/streaming from the iPhone was indeed the desired outcome. However, as was noted above, the issue was that I wasn’t seeing my iPhone as an endpoint, so couldn’t figure out how to play through it, much less stream to the Bluetooth speaker. Luckily I figured out how to get it to show up as an endpoint/play and made sure it was no longer a “private zone” and all has been working well since.

I am having a similar situation with Roon Tested gear in the living room, but an Airplay setup in the kitchen. If I want to join the two together into one music experience, I have to Airplay both to the living room and the kitchen.
I am therefore considering replacing my kitchen setup (B&O Essence over a B&O amp into my kitchen speakers) by a DIY setup with a Raspberry PI 4, RopieeeXL and Hifiberry Amp.
Today we are mainly using a B&O Eye to control the kitchen system: switch on/off; volume up/down. I am looking into RooDial to have the same functionality.

My sense of humour will catch up with m sometime . It seems that for most people a phone is constantly attached !!

I am so old , I keep forgetting where mine is :smiling_imp:

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The Bluesound Flex 2i is Roon Ready and a pretty nice sounding unit that would fit nicely in the kitchen.

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