Best stand-alone player/software

If this is an eligible but yet unexplored question… - what is, in your experience rather than adopted second hand opinion, the best player for digital audio from exclusively SQ point of view? No DSP, filters, etc. Just naked digital signal to be send it’s way to DAC. Roon? HQPlayer?, JPlay? - anything else worth considering but not yet know to the majority of computer audiophiles? I am referring to stand-alone players, not those developed by a specific brand, like say, DS Lightning from Auralic. If I am shamelessly repeating the topic explored competently somewhere else in this or other forum/fora, may I ask for the link?

Based on my previous experiences (before roon come alive) Music Player Daemon (MPD) was the best music server and player software. This is used by Volumio, Rune Audio, Plex Player, etc.
The best OS build around MPD is the Voyage MPD and forks of it, like Voyage MuBox (for e. g. Solidrun Cubox or Raspberry Pi ARM SBCs).

I wouldn’t have thought this was the best place to ask the question, probably a little bias shining through :wink:

Swinsian. No contest there.