Best Trinnov/Roon Settings

Just wondering if anyone has discovered any quirky settings that work best for Trinnov and Roon ? I have been up and down Roon’s Knowledge Base and any threads that I can find but nothing improves my setup . For 9 months , I have had Roon via Altitude 32 (8/16) into Meridian DSP speakers but whenever Clock Speed changes in a playlist the ‘burst’ of noise from the speakers before ‘lock’ is achieved is really seriously frightening . Personally , I suspect the ‘anti-pop’ relays which seem superfluous in an all-digital system but at this point I don’t care what is causing it , it is quite distressing to any other system users.

Any ideas ?


Hi Moonloop,

This is a known issue that seems specific to the Merdian 271. From our support team:

Using RS232 commands to mute/unmute the Meridian as it is shifting from “locked” to “unlocked” appears to be the only fix.
On RS232, you have a message like :

SRATE 48000

Using this info will help you know if you are out of sync or sync.

This is the fix (if using roon with a lot of sampling rate changes).

We changed both the Altitude and the Meridian during testing and the issue was still there. The RS232 was the only fix I am aware of.

You may want to check with Meridian to see if they know something we do not (like a firmware update or some such on their side?).


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Hi Jon ,
Many Thanks for your reply . I’ve contacted my dealer to request help from Meridian though they do not share Trinnov’s approach when it comes to the ‘coal-face’ of customer relations . My former Meridian 861 V8 could switch ‘gracefully’ between clock speeds effortlessly , so , from an engineering point of view , it should be correctable.
From the Meridian 271 Data Sheet :
“Designed to work with any processor on the market, the Meridian 271 is a High Resolution interface that allows you to design and build high performance theatre systems with up to 20 channels.”

Hopefully , a solution will be found soon



meanwhile, you could use Roon’s DSP to upsample everything to the same maximum rate, your digital speakers can handle, so no more switching takes place.

Can’t be done unfortunately . Even Meridian themselves only upsample by an even factor of 2 or 4 . Clock speed has always been automatic for me till now , like driving an automatic car . 44.1 does not go into 96 or vice versa . Altitude 32 allows playback in Roon from stereo to mch and Atmos from 44.1 to 192khz ( which the speakers would downsample to 96khz if I ever used it ) . I would like to not have to worry what formats a ‘random’ playlist consists of since a Roon-Ready Trinnov should play them all .


I totally agree with you, but…
…with Roon, you don’t have to stick with power of two upsampling, so I think it should work, no matter the input sample rate; what do you have to lose by just trying.

I will surely give it a go , anything’s better than these heart-attack inducing bursts of lightening !


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The noise you are experiencing is somehow specific to the combination of the Altitude and the Meridian. Our product doesn’t do anything like this on its own, nor with external DACs.

I am not quite sure what is different about the 271. But they may understand it better than I do.

I suspect that it has something to do with the fact that we process audio at its native rate rather than converting everything to a single rate for the DSP (usually 48kHz). This has some sonic benefits of its own (by avoiding sample rate conversion). But what I don’t understand is how the 271 could be less comfortable receiving sample rate changes from us, as opposed to some random Blu-Ray player, for example.

“ But what I don’t understand is how the 271 could be less comfortable receiving sample rate changes from us, as opposed to some random Blu-Ray player, for example. “

Precisely , my point . My sources are the same as anyone else would use (Panasonic Uhd-9000) + Oppos 103/203 + Apple TV 4K + Roon via Ethernet ) Only the Apple TV is limited to 48khz , all others can and do send up to Trinnov’s 192khz limit. Meridian are PCM only monsters . They don’t decode even Dolby True HD , they expect the players to decode to PCM and 271 was created to fill the Atmos void in their own range.
Whether they are doing something differently to industry standard I don’t know . Could it be the Trinnov relays ? Not likely . The ‘empty’ digital channels on DB25 connection? I would hope not .
I do hope for a dream solution for a dream system soon


If you can email me at with the serial number of your AL32 and a time when it will be available online, I can connect to it to see if anything odd is happening.

Short of that, I can tell you that we have borrowed a 271 from Meridian and are trying to duplicate the problem in Paris. What we have learned so far is that the 271 sends a Mute command to the speakers when sync is lost in order to avoid this sort of noise. For some reason, it does not always notice the change in sampling frequency (and consequential temporary loss of sync) from the Altitude32. Hence the speakers making the noise.

A few questions for you – please include the answers in your email:

  1. What type and length of cable are you using between the Altitude and Meridian?
  2. What “flavor” of ethernet cable are you running to the speakers? (CAT5, CAT5e, CAT6, etc.)
  3. How long is the RJ45 cable run from the 271 to the speakers?
  4. Are the speakers all home runs from the 271 or are they daisy-chained?
  5. Can you describe your system to me (in the email)?

Answers to these questions will (I hope) help us to duplicate the problem. So far, we have not been successful in doing so.


Thanks , Jon , e-mail sent