Best USB port on the NUC?

Best USB port on NUC for DAC with Rock

Any USB port is the same or is there any one that’s better???

To my understanding there is no “better” port… they all have their own bandwidth and power but one is not better than the other… At the end there is a per say share of the root hub.
There is also the charging port which has its own chipset and power.

It is a good idea to have … good interconnects from NUC to DAC.

  • DragonFly filter (AQ)
  • Good USB Cable (I have AQ Cinnamon, others are good) which feeds to DAC USB input.

I did hear dramatic improvement in SQ with these above two addition. currently i send from Mac->My Amp USB inputs.

There are other good stuff, from ifi which are “active” Signal-Integrity improving devices.