Best vfm endpoint

Hi all,
I’m currently running an original Raspberry Pi model B with Picoreplayer and Dragonfly Dac. When it works reliably, it’s great. With wi-fi it’s pretty reliable but ethernet appears to create problems. I’m aware of the bus sharing issues. I really wanted people to guide me to the best value for money Mini pc.Does the new Pi 3 present similar issues or am I better off with the Cubox-I or Beaglebone?. I’d appreciate some advice before I take the next plunge.


I have 2 raspberry Pi 3s and 1 Cubox i4Pro, all connected via ethernet. All have been flawless at all bitrates up to 192kHz, and also DSD64, which is the most I have.

I started with picoreplayer and squeezeonarch for the Cubox but am now using Diet Pi roonbridge and armbian roonbridge for the Cubox.

I’m on RPI3 (Ethernet) and dragonfly black. Astounding value for money. Even better when Geoff, Andy and Rene helped me set it up ! I find the combination reliable. My Ethernet is served by powerline adaptors

Thank you. I’ll purchase a Pi 3 then and pair it with the Dragonfly.Thanks for the help.

Just purchased a Pi 3. I was thinking about purchasing a capactive screen and case so it emulates a Squeezebox Touch. With Jivelite installed will this set up accept future Roon enhancements, as rumoured in other threads? Enjoying the PiCoreplayer sound. It’s a very good endpoint.

Hi Paul, I’m thinking about the same combination and I am bit of a techno-duffer, was the set up support to which you refer part of a forum thread? If so can you point me to it or, perhaps, summarise the steps to take?
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See the knowledge base for Linux set up instructions for roon bridge or do a search against raspberry Pi and roon bridge to find Rene’s excellent step by step guide.

I’m on raspbian Jessie lite but people are using diet Pi as the distro. Load roon bridge and you should be able to plug in dragonfly and get started