Best way to add Roon with full MQA to my new setup?

Just upgraded my setup. I now have a Denon AVR-X6500H with preout to a Rotel RA-1592 for my front 2 speakers to get the best for stereo listening, and I’m stuck on the best way to get Roon added into the chain while taking advantage of the amp.

Can I buy a Roon ready MQA DAC Streamer like the Mytek Brooklyn Bridge and somehow connect it to the Rotel?

I take it you already have Roon core running in you home on a Nas or computer? If so then yes that is all you require. If not then you also need to run Roons core software (the server side) somewhere.

So presuming you have a Roon core you will need an MQA capable DAC streamer. You will need to connect that to analogue inputs on your setup. I can recommend the Teac NT-505 for the job.

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