Best way to configure a Intel NUC with ROCK and Windows 10

As I have an Accuphase DC-950 DAC designed to perform best with windows. I am trying to configure an Intel NUC with ROCK plus Windows to connect directly to the Accuphase DAC using an USB cable.

My point is how can I get at least the same performance with Windows that I used to get with Linux?

I mean using a software like Fidelizer will help disengage all the nasties from Windows?

Anyone out there using an Intel NUC configured with windows and Roon ROCK directly connected to the DAC via USB cable?

What woult those be? Just install Windows, Roon, plug in the DAC and you’re good.

Everyone keep saying that Windows is garbage to reproduce sound files through USB port. And Roon was originally developed to use with Linux. Is that right?
Unfortunately my top dollar Accuphase DAC is still on the darkness of not being a Roon endpoint.
So, I must use a computer with windows and Roon with the Accuphase software to decode native DSD.

Rock is an operating system based on Linux, specifically designed for the needs of Roon and should work with any device that is tested or even Roon Ready. It also works with devices that are not tested, but then you have to find out yourself or ask if the purchase decision was good for Roon or Rock.

Windows can also be installed on a NUC if a TV or monitor is connected and you know how to install it with a USB stick. However, it is much more complicated than Linux today, takes longer and the knowledge for it is not on the street for free like Linux.

Which way you want to go, everyone decides for himself. With a large hard drive, dual boot will also be possible, but that is even more difficult to set up.

I think whoever is new has hardly any chance to set it up functionally without technical literature.

I installed Rock on my NUC 4 weeks ago and it’s wonderful. Previously had Win 10 on it with Roon Core, but wasn’t as good as Rock.

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So, Roon ROCK with Linux is the best way to go?
Windows will turn a simple path into a beginner’s nightmare

Talking about NUC, anyone out there using a NUC with Windows/Rock/Fidelizer with great results?

Bits are bits.

You need to qualify this a bit. Was it not working?

If this was even remotely related to the end SQ of Roon then EVERYONE would just host the core on their windows machine and go directly USB out to a DAC or USB capable integrated or similar.

And as this is clearly not the case then maybe in a lot of instances it is not quite as simple as " bits are bits"…

Not sure what’s not the case, the fact that bits are bits or that everyone is connecting their DACs to Windows machines. I for one am not connecting my DACs to Windows because I connect them to RPis running RoPieee, for reasons that have nothing to do with sound quality.

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This makes no sense. Are you asking about Microsoft Windows and Roon Server?

I’d be surprised if your DAC is not recognized as a standard UAC2 device in Linux, but I suppose it’s possible that Windows drivers are required. Check your manual to see if there is a menu setting or switch to enable UAC2. Some DACs ship configured as UAC1 by default.

In the event that Windows drivers really are necessary for the DAC to be recognized, best solution is a fanless solid-state PC running only Windows and Roon Bridge. Connect that to your DAC and network. Then, separately, build a dedicated Core using an Intel NUC that is compatible with Roon OS…a ROCK build. So, two different computers…one as Core and the other as Output.

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I can fully exhaust my IFI DAC with Rock, which was not possible with Win 10. I can now set higher resolutions.

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