Best way to connect a Nucleus+ to a Mytek Manhattan

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Nucleus +

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Mytek Manhattan II

Question not an issue - I will be connecting a Roon Nucleus+ to a Mytek Manhattan II, using both local hi res files and Tidal. I need to decide where to physically locate the Nucleus - is it better to connect the Nucleus to the Mytek via USB (requiring proximity) or is there no difference connecting via wired ethernet, allowing greater flexibility in where to locate the Nucleus?

Any help is much appreciated. Thanks.

Hi @Campbell_Langdon,

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The Mytek Manhattan DAC II is a Roon Ready device, meaning it can be streamed to over the network using our RAAT technology. If you’re wanting the flexibility of not having to place the Mytek near your Core, this is a great option.

I assume that you will be purchasing the version of the Manhattan II with the optional network streaming card that allows you to stream from the Nucleus using RAAT- otherwise you will also need a ‘streaming’ device.

I use a Nucleus to stream Tidal and Qobuz 16/44 and hi res music to my Manhattan II across my home network using the optional network card for the Manhattan (no connection via USB). Nucleus and Manhattan are in different rooms. (Very few local files and used only occasionally; most of my listening is Tidal/Qobuz streaming.)

I use an EERO mesh wifi network with each of the Manhattan and the Nucleus attached to separate EERO Pro network points in the different rooms via Ethernet (using Supra Cat 8 Ethernet cables). So, topology is Nucleus -> Supra Cat 8 Ethernet -> EERO Pro endpoint -> over the air wifi -> EERO Pro endpoint -> Supra Cat 8 Ethernet -> Manhattan II.

I’ve never set it up differently because I don’t really have an easy option to do otherwise, but I can say that this arrangement sounds very good to me. I haven’t done an extensive test but have occasionally played local files by USB to the Manhattan and don’t notice any real immediate difference (but this wasn’t done with a real comparative test in mind). Hope this helps.

Thank you so much - this is really helpful.

Yes, I will purchase the Roon Ready network card. My questions arises because looking at the Mytek manual it seems that the network input handles files up to 24/192 and DSD64, while other inputs handle up to 32/384 and DSD256. I just am not sure if this is a meaningful difference or not.

I did a test with USB versus networkcard. The network card won. Thats apart from the bonus of flexibility. I use a MacBook as Core btw.

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