Best Way To Connect My KEF LSX

(James Cortez) #1

Hello All. Got my Nucleus up and running thanks to some kind folk here. Now, I’m wondering what is the best way to get best sound.

I have the new KEF LSX wired to each other, then to my router. They show in Roon as endpoint and sound great. BUT I have a Meridien Explorer 2 DAC that unfolds MQA and connects to my iMac via USB.

Should I use it and how should I connect it ? I’m hoping not to use the spare USB port on my Nucleus as I’m going to try to connect my Audio Engine speakers in my bedroom to that port via a connector they sell.

Before I got the Nucleus and my Roon Core was on my iMac I had them from the LSX Aux out to the DAC to the Usb on my iMac but it didn’t sound as good to me. But not sure perhaps I did it wrong.

Any suggestions/advice is appreciated. Thanks!