Best way to get a "fresh" install with 1.8?

Left to my own devices I’d simply remove the Roon files in the Library directory (MacOS).

Is there something else we should be aware of or a better approach?

Renaming ~/Library/Roon to Roon_old would be my guess too. But why? Just let it update…

Roon 1.8 makes significant changes to the Roon database. If you click “install all” on the update screen then the update process will make those changes for you. If you do anything else you may be wandering off the path into unsupported territory.

The reason I want a fresh install is because the library I started with is a gigantic mess and I’ve spent the last few days SongKonging it to death and archiving stuff that shouldn’t be there … all while I’ve had scanning turned off.

I’ve only been a Roon user for a week … so it’s not like I’ve got rich history of listening habits that I need to preserve.

andybob are you hinting that there’s a “perform fresh install” as part of the 1.8 upgrade options?

SongKong changes your files not the Roon Db, it will I directly change it by catching up with your file changes …

If you are unhappy, Back up.

The Update as with others will do all the requisite db changes on the hoof, there is no guarantees the db will be the same 1.7 to 1.8 indeed unlikely

Chill, we’ve had 7 of these before :crazy_face:

You could do a fresh install by deleting everything Roon , uninstalling Roon , Remove Roon folders then install 1.8 as if it were your first time.

Roon will then build a new db based on your current watched folder. It a load of work and to me seems extreme, Have you done a Settings >db maintenance > Clean library that a simple thing

sudo apt remove roonserver


Have done the clean, etc.

I made the mistake on initial install of pointing Roon at a /Music monster library that included everything from the first two WAV files that stepped off the ark.

Now that I know what I should be doing I want to start fresh. Plus I want to progressively add stuff to clean libraries that are manageable … I’m only about a third of the way through my cleanup and the way I’m progressing it’s likely to take 2 more weeks.