Best way to get DSD/24 bit to Marantz SR7101


So - I’m a bit new to this having lived happily in a Sonos bubble for a while.

For 95% of my collection Sonos is fine - but I have now started getting 24bit and DSD files from sources like HDTracks.

For multi room at the moment I am happy transcoding for the SONOS (which is also connected to my SR7010 via CO Ax from a Sonos Amp) However on the main system I would like the option to be able to stream from my NAS (I have core on an i7 PC - that part is easy) to a box connected too the amp that will out put (rca, hdmi or optical) to the amp - I assume a DAC with a preamp - but I’m not looking to break the bank but still looking for good sound and I’m not sure what the best ‘box’ would be to allow DSD/24bit/MQA/Tidal play back on the SR7010 …

I guess I’m (and i’m Not 100% sure I have the terminology right) looking for a Roon Output device to AMP ?

Any advice ?

Staying fully within the Roon ecosystem, your only option to input DSD to the Marantz will be HDMI. And even that may be a challenge unless you have a computer with both an OS and HDMI output that can pass DSD. Even then, the Marantz internally may decimate DSD to PCM – you would have to double check. Because of the potential troubles, my recommendation would be to let Roon convert DSD to PCM for compatibility. Then, you will have more options for connection to the Marantz.


@John_Medany Did you figure out a way? I have a Marantz SR7012 and was experiencing the same challenges