Best way to get Multi-channel audio out?

What is the best, CHEAP way to get hi-res multi-channel audio out of a Raspberry PI via digital and into a surround receiver? For example, this:

Hi-Res Multi-Channel Flac File —> Roon —> RaspberryPi —> SOMETHING (Hat?) —> Receiver (In this case an Onkyo that is a couple years old)

This is a home theater, and not my primary music listening location, but I thought it would be fun to get the few multi-channel albums I have playing in the theater in surround, but I don’t want to spend a lot of money (< $100 US).

I have a Raspberry Pi available for this, just need that missing piece, if it exists.

Thoughts? Thanks!

Yes, in order to make up at least 10 characters and to have it make a complete sentence, I have to answer: HDMI. Sheesh.

I tried HDMI out from the raspberry pi. Roon showed that 48khz was the max sample rate, and 2 channels only. Is there a way to make HDMI out of raspberry pi do hi res and surround with roon?

It might be dependent on the rpi distribution os you are using…just a guess. But I think it is still limited to 48KHz

Dunno. I have never used RaspberryPi but HDMI out from several other devices. It must be the specifics of your device.