Best way to hook Rossini to Roon Nucleus system

If you want shielded ethernet cables, Blue Jeans Cat 6a is the Belden 10GX series Cat 6a and has a floating shield design, so no ground loops via the shield.

Their Cat 6 cable (Belden 10GX series Cat 6) is unshielded.


I have the Rossini for a couple days now. I just hooked up via USB from the nucleus. I just wanted to hear it for now. Wow it is unreal, like way more than I even expected and haven’t even added the clock in the chain yet. Looking forward to getting this all hooked up to the Network and take full advantage of the convenient features it has.


Which AQ ethernet cables did you try? I have a run from he Nucleus to the router and then another one from the router to the DAC. I was thinking of a run of diamond for each. I can get that with a 60 day return policy so if I don’t hear anything as many say is impossible it can go back. I bought a Diamond USB cable and I really like it.

Couple of comments:

1- If you’re going to look at ethernet cables, you might as well look into a switch that is also low noise (there are some around, I can’t recall exactly)

2- I am making no claims one way or another regarding ethernet cables other than it was recommended to me by John Quick from dCS to use a cable that does not electrically connect grounds - most Cat7 have shields that connect on both ends and those should be avoided

3- I do use an iso-Cat6 isolation device between my Rossini and the mac mini (Rossini connects directly to the mini’s ethernet port). I cannot say it makes a meaningful difference in sounds quality (I have not A/B’d this), I use it mostly as a security measure against voltage spikes

In my setup, my mac mini is connected to the switch via a thunderbolt-ethernet adapter, this ethernet connection is bridged to the mini’s built-in ethernet port, and finally there’s a 6-inch cat6 generic cable from the mini’s ethernet port to the iso-Cat6, and a 6-inch “fancy” ethernet cable to the Rossini (which came with the iso-Cat6). Sounds great but like I said I have not futzed around. Adding the iso-Cat6 was not a revelation… :slight_smile:

If you’re interested in the double bridged ethernet connections in the mini, I am happy to give you details.

When you click on my profile you see my two sets.
I use a normal cat5e to the TP link units.
I hear only differents in sound after the two TP link units.

If you don’t mind me asking, what are you powering the most downstream FMC’s with, in your setups?

iFi iPower power supply