Best way to restore the edit

I have my ROCK for Roon Core and its library storage is with an USB external hard drive, I add the music and make the edit with another computer (Mac Pro). After the library and the edits got updated I clone my the USB external hard drive with my Mac Pro.

Then I reconnect my USB drive with my ROCK, however,all the edits are failed to capture, I can restore them back, however, the original storage link got lost and need to relink the USB hard drive again, every time it takes so long time to complete as my library is huge.

Is there any better way to do ?

Can you explain why you are doing this sequence?

ROCK exposes the storage drives as an SMB share on your network:

  • MacOS - In Finder, click Go , then Connect To Server . Then type smb://ROCK/ and connect as a Guest

As detailed here:

So to answer your final question, yes there is a better way, leave the drive connected to ROCK and do the editing on the exposed network share using your Mac.

I have a ROCK in my listening room just for audiophile, I am a Mac user I do all the ripping and edit with my Mac in my study room. As there is a long distance betwen my listening and study rooms, a wired connection for the storage drive is not possible.

If I use Mac Mini as a Roon Core, instead of ROCK, then I swap the hard drive without losing the edit database