Best way to take Roon playlists to Soundiiz?

Can someone detail the best way to do this please? Thx!

I think the short answer is, “you can’t”.

Well, you can export a playlist to Excel format. When I did that, I looked at it and trimmed a lot of stuff that I thought would confuse Soundiiz, uploaded to Soundiiz, but no matches were found. Which is impossible, as the exported list was tracks from TIDAL.

I would like some way to export to a file, upload that file to Soundiiz, and find the matches.

Any clues?

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Double check when you upload this file again with Soundiiz to a music service to have the correct CSV format, as explained here for example =>



Wouldn’t it be awesome if at the very least we had a mechanism in Roon to export to a Soundiiz compatible format so that I wouldn’t have to screw around with an excel export to get this data to Soundiiz?

Alternatively, since you do have a means of searching for versions of albums in separate platforms (via the Versions tab), couldn’t we please have a way to deploy such search on a playlist? Please? It would allow users to take, for example, playlists with local tracks and find matches in each platform. Or to move streaming tracks in a Roon playlist from one platform (TIDAL) to another (Qobuz) - which is my main usecase right now.


Hi all,
GOOD NEWS => Soundiiz is now handling Roon format export directly :slight_smile:
You will found a tutorial here (for example Roon to Spotify):


Really appreciate this from Soundiiz as frankly I have tried MANY times in the past without success… I will give this a try ASAP.

Had a go and it took one playlist in fine with just a few tracks missed. My wife and I have disparate tastes so this is the “Tracks we can both put up with” playlist now in Tidal

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Just logged into Soundiiz for the first time in a while and got the notification about Roon.

Does this mean that if you do an export from say Roon to Tidal via Soundiiz of a playlist or set of albums that it will match local files to Tidal files where possible?

It’s a shame Roon can’t be added as a Soundiiz service but I guess if this works it’s an ok approach.

Has anyone been using this Soundiiz feature, from Roon to Tidal or other service?

I mentioned to @blackarcanis (from Soundiiz) that we need a “Roon Playlist (Tidal songs) to Roon Playlist (Qobuz songs)” feature!! Somehow Roon and Soundiiz working together on that!!

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I use the roon export to tidal, works fine.

@ged_hickman1 but only if the tracks exist in your library? Is that right?

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Another problem with the Soundiiz ‘workaround’ is that the scheduled sync feature is useless when you want to sync Roon playlists with Tidal/Qobuz/etc. Every time you update a Roon playlist you have to manually sync them in Soundiiz so your Roon playlists soon get out of sync with on the other services.

Yes otherwise you can’t export them

Right, that is the flaw. Most of my playlists are of individual songs where I don’t want the whole album in my library.

Yes, same here. If playing a whole album a playlist isn’t really necessary.

If you export a playlist you just get the tracks in the playlist not each album.

I’m saying I never added the albums nor do I want to. Many of my playlists are soundiiz’d (if that is a verb) from Spotify.

  • Roon does not allow editing of Tidal or Qobuz playlists
  • Roon does not export Tracks that are not resident in Library

This combination severely limits playlist oriented users from moving among services.

My Roon playlists are locked in Roon and when playing a Tidal/Qobuz playlist I can’t edit it real time in Roon.

Maybe someday that will change - they have occasionally mentioned working on Playlist features.