Best way to turn off a Nucleus?

Dumb question for sure but just the power button on back?


I think via the web interface is the recommended option.

cant figure out how to access it…went to IP address listed in my router software but didn’t go anywhere.
any thoughts on how to access web interface?

This should help (assuming your Nucleus is working correctly):

thank you -for some reason im unable to connect to my nucleus was hoping to access web interface via browser

Just checking… but is your nucleus is working correctly to play music/use the Roon remote app?

no just went down. music stopped and now roon cant find the nucleus

Oh OK, so yes you can try restarting the nucleus using the power button on the back of the unit.

thx have done that but doesn’t help my issue…i posted for some help…hopefully someone will weigh in.
seems like nucleus has just broken…no idea what else could have happened

Yep, I just saw your post in the support section - there are some standard questions to ask in this situation. I’m busy just now, but if Roon support (or a user) doesn’t help you, I’'ll try to help later.

thank you --amazing how life blows when ROON has issues

got it…newtwork issue i guess…rebooted router…good now…appreciate your help

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Yes, on almost any problem I have, before pursuing anything else, I reboot modem and router and computer, in that order. That solves 99.9% of my problems.

Thanks man
Didn’t go there initially cause internet working etc.
Then noticed phone telling me it could locate IP address
I’ll keep what you have said in mind next time

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Press it once to shut down nicely. Hold it down for a few seconds to force shutdown.

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