Beta release 08/09/2017 (050)

Done. e16eed713637dde6

Everything was cool before this clean install, so not sure what happened :cry:

No I can imagine. Unfortunately this feedback has not enough information as it wasn’t running long enough. Can you send me another one?

Whoops sorry. Here you go: 07ce1a105d6954fb

Now the old man is joking around and asking me if I need his help :unamused:

Clock looks great though, at least I have something :sunglasses:

Same problem. ‘Can’t connect to’.
The difficulty for me is that this happens inside Roon’s API.

Did something change in your infrastructure?

Nothing changed. Ropieee previous version was working yesterday before I did the clean install.

If I re-install (without un-installing) Roon on my Surface Pro 4 I shouldn’t lose my library right? I don’t know why that would fix anything but it’s one of the few things I could try. Maybe the only thing i can try, other than flagging Roon Support.

No I don’t think so.

When I’m home later tonight I’ll do a few things:

  • reinstall from scratch myself
  • figure out what the default timeout is

Don’t stress too much about it. It may come back to life like Jon Snow on the next update.

I’m re-installing Roon now, just to try something.

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Did a clean install, and everything works as expected. How did you reinstall of Roon worked out?

Hey Harry, no the Roon reinstall did nothing as probably expected.
I’ll try a clean install again this weekend.