Better Chinese support

Are there any plans to find a partner in China to enrich the Chinese music metabase and provide better Chinese support

This is the strong expectation of our Chinese users

I know that many Chinese friends have bought roon and expect better Chinese support

Are you aware of good sources of Chinese music metadata?

NetEase Cloud Music,QQ music

Thanks, but aren’t these streaming services rather than metadata sources (like MusicBrainz, Discogs, TiVo)?

Is this what you meant by “Better Chinese support”?

Maybe because my English is not good, the expression is not professional enough, did not explain my meaning clearly。
My idea is probably to have more chinese translations in the artist profile, album introduction, etc., and it might be a good idea to have one or two chinese streaming music platforms built in roon。


Understood, thanks!

Oh, there’s another one Now roon’s database of chinese pop albums are not many, also hope to have more chinese pop albums into roon’s database!Thank you.

If Roon can add better Chinese support and add more popular streaming platforms in China, I believe it will bring a large number of customers. For example: QQ music and NetEase cloud music

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Today, I found that many albums and artist profiles in roon are in chinese. Thank you very much!

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