Better genre mapping and categorizing?

Is there a possibility we can have better much deeper connection with more detailed genre categories. Such as African, French rap, Latin…. Etc. I feel Roon is pretty close at that but Apple Music is the best at seeing what those genres release. Qobuz is ok and Tidal is slightly better. I feel for discovery I need to use several apps to locate to add to my library.

From what I would I heard this would have to come from the labels for categorization? Not sure.

Are you sure that you haven’t already got more detailed genre categories? For example, using Focus in my Album browser reveals quite a detailed hierarchy of genres that exist within my Roon library…

(the caret symbols are used to expand/collapse the genre hierarchy levels).

Don’t forget that if you use the Genre browser, it will only show the top-level genres. You need to select a genre to show the next level of sub-genres within it (scroll down to the Subgenres). These again can be further browsed to reveal more detailed subgenres. So, for example, this is my “International” genre page in the Genre browser:

Scrolling down shows the next level of subgenres:

Picking the Indian Subcontinent Traditions gives me that page:

And scrolling down shows the subgenres within that:

Hmmm let me experiment. I was curious if it would find a way to map its way to tidal and or Qobuz. My local library I kind of see that.

For example if you are to find the latest African albums released you would need to go to global or world tab on Qobuz and Tidal. I am wandering if Roon can fetch this information. I’m assuming this would require deep AI integration?

Let me mess around with what you showed me and I’ll let you know.

The example I’m trying to semi recreate is what Apple Music does. But they are somewhat top level as well.

Also bear in mind Roon sources from a third party they do not curate in house. So any genre mapping will be at the mercy of presumably TiVo and MusicBrainz