Better handling of Compilations and Soundtracks

I have many compilation albums in my library yet they largely remain invisible because they’re hidden among other album titles or located under V if I ask Roon to sort them in that way. Same issue with soundtracks.

Yip, they’re searchable by album name, but I’m a visual guy, I remember album covers. Compilations and Soundtracks are also different when compared to a regular album - they’re generally representative of a particular genre/style of music or a movie you might have enjoyed. I’d like a way to easily navigate only Compilation albums or only Soundtracks.

For compilations you’ve got to set a Focus on Various Artists which can then be bookmarked - but its results include other albums that Roon considers to be compilations whereas they may be specific to an artist or group of artists rather than being compilation albums as one would traditionally think of them. In addition, Roon includes soundtracks in its Various Artists performer filter, so you end up with 1) actual compilations, 2) other albums Roon deems to be compilations and 3) soundtracks. This screenshot illustrates the point:

For Soundtracks it seems all that’s needed is to Focus on album type Soundtracks and bookmark same.

So I guess one can exclude Soundtracks from Compilatons by filtering them out of the Various Artists focus

What about the other anomalies that Roon considers a compilation? It seems to me that Roon may need to differentiate between Various Artists albums and Artist compilations?

Aren’t they always under V(arious Artists)?

Personally, I tag all my Sountracks with a user Soundtrack Tag. Especially because there are albums that I consider soundtracks that Roon might not.