Better log entry for DST problems

Because Support didn’t understand or didn’t want to understand my problem, I try it as feature request.

I know, DST compression is not supported.

I have the following problem stated in my Logfile:
[dff] got FVER 0x4
[dff] skipping ‘FVER’ chunk by seeking to 32
[dff] got PROP SND
[dff] got SND prop FS=2822400
[dff] got CHNL prop: 2 channels found
[dff] channel 0: SLFT
[dff] channel 1: SRGT
[dff] got CMPR prop. Compression type 'DST ’ (DST compressed)
[dff] got ABSS prop, 0:00:00:0
[dff] got LSCO prop config=0
[dff] skipping ‘PROP’ chunk by seeking to 152
no support for DST compression

Because there is no entry which file is handled, I have no easy chance to find an correct the problematic file, it is a dff file like some thousand others.
Please add information about the files that cause this problem with the entry to the log.