Better radio with catch up. Radioplayer integration

I love Roon but the one feature I miss from my squeezebox is the ability to navigate and play on demand radio such as iplayer.

I’ve searched several threads for a work around and have looked at the Roon API to see if there was a way to achieve this.

Durring my investigation I came across radioplayer. a non-profit partnership between the BBC and commercial radio. Their stated aim is to keep radio listening simple, particularly on things which are connected to the internet, like computers, smartphones, and tablets.

Currently expanding worldwide and including UK, Norway, Canada, Germany etc.

There is some information on their API here

And their main website is

I wonder if Roonlabs might consider an official integration?

Searching around a little more it looks like radioplayer have developed their own integration with sonos, chromecast and Amazon alexa so maybe they would be amenable to integrating with Roon.

From reading other threads I can see there was an attempt to work with tunein that fell apart because of licensing issues. I wonder if this might be an alternative way to deliver a wide selection of navigable radio with catch service etc?

Anyone else interested in this sort of enhancement?

Anyone at roonlabs considered if this is technically or commercially possible?



Forgot to add link to worldwide site @ which has links to API etc

I live on the West Coast of Canada. So - I go to listen to a leading local radio station -

And I see Radioplayer rear its ugly head.

On the one hand it seems like an integration to it might deliver a lot of stations - you’re right.

But on the other hand, as best I can see so far, it is currently acting as a wall behind which 500 Canadian radio stations are hiding - and many, many of them seem to have no streaming or tunein URL. Use Radioplayer or go away seems to be the message?

Please tell me I’m wrong, and that I’m missing something? That for stations on Radioplayer there is some simple rule for how to derive the URL? That would be nice …