Better selection of "Featured Artists"

I mainly get featured artists who only do a minor addition of a single release.
Please add some logic to make more recommendations of more ‘major’ artists from the library.

It would be interesting to know what actions feed into the training of Roon’s recommendation engine. For example, are album/artist “Favorites” included? How about playback history? Playlists? This is probably documented somewhere, but I’ve not looked very hard.

If you know what actions train Roon, just do those more and you should get better results. For example, try clicking the :black_heart: on your favorite albums and artists and see if, after a week or two, Roon starts making better recommendations for you. I’m generally getting pretty good recommendations.

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I’ve tried it out, and still after a month of playing, loving and caring my library it still suggests artists which are playing a very minor part.
Please make advantage of the library and make some real ‘featurings’ or ‘recommendations’.
Would love to see that it works with ‘least played’ or other stats!